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Introducing Kids4kids Tutoring

Where kids help each other learn.

    About Kids4kids Tutoring


Kids4kids was founded by current high-schooler Jake Brill after a positive experience teaching immigrant children basic skills to help them succeed in their new schools.  Jake learned through the experience that there are many kids that can use some help; but also, that helping kids helped him too.  He learned the reward of helping kids and realized that every kid can have something valuable to share with others.


What makes kids4kids different?


Kids4 kids not only will help clients with their math and reading skills, but it will help tutors have an opportunity to help others and help themselves.  It’s a service that helps everyone all around. 


Also, kids4kids is more than learning math, science, and reading skills. It’s about creating a relationship with a role model.  Sometimes there is so much a client can learn beyond the assignment. 


Why kids4kids?


Kids4kids is good for clients and tutors.  Kids4kids helps kids and tutors be the best they can be!

Are you a Kid4kids?

Do you have what it takes to be a tutor? There are not many opportunities for kids to help kids and that's what kids4kids tutoring provides for kid tutors and clients.  kids4kids tutoring helps connect kid tutors with kid clients (approved by and in connection with the families of kids and clients).  If you are interested please let us know.

Cost and Location

Kids4kids Tutors is located in the Bethesda/Chevy Chase area.  Tutoring occurs at Connie Morella library in downtown Bethesda, unless otherwise determined and agreed upon between client and Tutor for alternative location.  Cost is $15/hr.

Tutor Services

What We Provide

Happy Kids Huddle
Student Writing
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Learn through Relationships

Spelling, Essays, and More

Always Prepared (up to Algebra 1)

Kids4kids tutors was created to help kids with the overall support they need.  Contact us now.

“I was inspired to do Kids4kids after my experience tutoring immigrant kids at a local non-profit organization in Sliver Spring.  While there, I helped kids with their vocabulary and math skills.  I realized that I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others and helping someone overcome a challenging academic struggle or just teach them to learn studying.”

Jake Brill

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Connie Morella Public Library

Bethesda, MD

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